Oooh 90's fashion you make me smile. Just watched this again yesterdayClassic.

beach hair.

FIRST BEACH DAY OF SUMMERRRR! And with the sun and sea water comes tanner skin (fingers crossed!) and kind of tousled blonder hair. Well, at least its a step up from my usual thick, blunt, stick straight locks. 
Summer also means more blogging! I've gotten into tumblr recently because its fun, quick, and mindless. But I do miss my garden and I will tryyy to keep it up.  ♥  ♥  ♥




Soooo I cleaned out my inspiration folder...and this is what I was left with.♥♥♥


bw4 Model Portraits by Seth Sabalbw3 Model Portraits by Seth Sabalbw2 Model Portraits by Seth Sabal 


Fur coats, patterned leggings, tall boots with various objects dangling from them, 70s shirts layered, belts, mounds of chunky jewelry, huge circular sunglasses, ascots, floppy hats,  chess games played with mismatched shot glasses, archery on carpets layed upon uncut grass, lounging on some rocks, guitar playing boyfriend with flowers in his hair, pools, forests, meadows, etc. 

This is pretty much my life.♥♥♥